Announcing the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact

October 26, 2016 Ashley Thompson

Today, we announced the newly minted Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact. This is a project that we’ve been thinking through for some time as we consider how we, as a company, can better serve the full social good community, from nonprofits and foundations to businesses, government entities, and academic institutions. Enter the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact, an initiative that will drive groundbreaking research and insights to equip a thriving social good sector for impact.

Through the Blackbaud Institute, we will lean on our strong alliances across the philanthropic sector to bring you the best and most diverse perspectives. And we won’t just stop at sharing the great expertise of these partners. We will also dive deep into our database to research the most pressing questions and combine expertise with data-backed insights to uncover the true, proven best practices that will help the sector realize its greatest potential.

We are proud to also share the Blackbaud Institute’s first research report, Sustainers in Focus: Uncovering the Value of Retained Revenue. This project represents the first installment in a series that will address concerns about the ROI of sustained giving programs, show you the revenue you are leaving on the table, and point you towards the best bets for your program success. The data-backed insights shared in this report are a perfect example of the kind of value the Blackbaud institute will be delivering to you even more often. Stay tuned for future installments in the series that will dive deeper into this topic to unearth the key best practices you should employ in building a strategic sustainer program for your organization.

The Blackbaud Institute will rely on collaboration and dialogue across the philanthropic sector and beyond. We hope you’ll join us. Head to to learn more and subscribe for updates about future projects.

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